At Open Arms, each resident is checked on every 30 minutes, woken up in the morning and tucked into bed at night. Our staff helps each resident with bathing, grooming and dress. We make sure residents get their hair cut and styled, are clean shaven and well-put together. Our personal and loving touch makes us unique. 


Faith Vanover, Owner

Faith has worked with the elderly for the past 20 years professionally and before that cared for her father-in-law who was quadriplegic.  Care-giving has always been a passion and she too feels so enriched being able to serve in that capacity. It just seems like an extension of her own family.  Both parties being blessed by knowing and loving each other.


Rod Vanover, Owner

Rod is the perfect gentleman. His desire to make everyone comfortable and cared for is one of a kind. Although Rod is a logger by trade, his compassionate, caring heart always puts others first. His enthusiasm for life always puts a smile on everyone’s face.  And boy does he cook a mean egg.


Tammy, Personal Care Attendant 

Tammy's energy sets her apart. If she is not caring for residents, she is cleaning a corner, anything to help Open Arms run smoothly. Tammy always goes the extra mile and is a huge asset to our team.


Barb, Personal Care Attendant

Barb is very thoughtful and her laugh is so infectious. She has a great personality that lights up the room when she is around. Barb loves to spend quality time with each resident.


Rhonda, Personal Care Attendant

Rhonda, who is a veteran here at Open Arms, has been with the company for more than 10 years. Rhonda is known for her outstanding cooking and sweet personality. Her calm demeanor helps each resident feel safe and relaxed.


Ann, Personal Care Attendant

Ann is our newest employee and has quickly won our hearts. She is a great worker and loves to cook and bake. She is so relaxed, yet works great under pressure. All of our residents enjoy Ann and love when she is around. 

Tiffany, Personal Care Assistant

Tiffany is our fun, energetic PCA who charms the room with her sweet baby boy Aiden. The residents tend to fight over who gets to hold him next. The dynamic duo also light up any room they're in and we all love having them around.