House Keeping & Laundry

We maintain daily cleaning duties and scheduling for laundry and house keeping needs. Resident laundry is done daily and as needed. Resident's personal space is cleaned daily with weekly deep cleaning.

Home Cooking

We provide 3 nutritious home cooked meals per day + snacks. We ask residents what their favorite dishes are and cook based upon their preferences. Our schedule is your schedule.

Medical Support

Our on-staff registered nurse is present once per week at the home and on call for all immediate assistance needed. We assist and coordinate all medications with each resident, and work with third party and extended medical services as needed. We can provide hospice and end of life care. We work with you to facilitate all needs and our live-in management is present throughout every night ensuring 24 hour safety. 

Wifi , Cable & Call System

Each room is equipped with wifi, cable television and a call system for emergency needs. 


Whether you enjoy coffee on the deck, reading, playing games, listening to live music, aroma therapy, telling stories to little ones or alone time, our staff is there for you. We feature our associate pastor for Bible study every Wednesday for those who are interested and encourage guest visits at anytime.

Music Therapy is a huge part of Open Arms. We love having Healing Harmony with Trina Rainey and Misty Redlin with Sing4Joy. 

Trina is a music therapist and visits our home monthly. She brings not only a variety of instruments, great selection of music but also a beautiful voice. She will incorporate seasonal music or music that stirs past memories to encourage singing along. She is very gifted at engaging the residents.

Misty sings with her guitar and will often bring us hymns, seasonal music, and sometimes a special number to background CD. She too has a beautiful voice and enjoys engaging the residents.

Faith also plays the piano when possible or the CD player is going on in the kitchen with background music of choice. It is so fun to see the residents enjoying a meal and hear toes tapping. If they could, we are sure they would be up dancing as well. 


Bible Study is offered weekly. Bob brings a prepared lesson and has it in large print for each resident. He usually gets a feel for what the residents would like to talk about and then prepares accordingly. Often times there will be great discussion around the table. Bob has key questions that stir conversation and the time goes by very quickly. The residents always enjoy this.


Children have always been around at Open Arms. We started with our own children growing up here and they just thought they had lots of grandparents. They were very blessed. 

Now our kids are grown with children of their own and when they come to visit, the residents light up. The kids learned to walk hanging on to walkers and wheelchairs. 

Children bring a youthful energy that is refreshing to our residents. They love to watch, be entertained and at times listen while the children practice reading.

We have had multiple volunteer groups come in and interact with our residents. One high school group in particular was an alternative school for teens and they were assigned a resident to interview and build a relationship with. It was so fun to see teens let their guard down and really enter into a world that is foreign to them such as WW1 and WW2 or life without tv and internet. The group made huge strides in their personal relationship and came back to share. It was a memorable and enjoyable experience for everyone involved. They also presented each resident with a DVD of the experience.